#BetterForUs believes that the everyday economy is vital for everyone.  Organisations that maximise their public good help to reduce poverty and inequality within local communities, bringing public services closer to the people they support and help to  build public trust in public institutions and services.

#BetterForUs 2020-4 is focused on using public services purchasing power to support the public good.


Lack of investment in the everyday economy leads to neglected communities. Yet, all too often some public authorities and other not for profit authorities are selecting services primarily on the basis of cost ignoring the effects on quality of services and the local economy. Others are unaware of the opportunities that there are to promote public good, while a number of organisations across the country are taking a lead at making a difference.

Our campaign aims to build upon good practice. It is focused on research, advocacy, the provision of information and developing innovative projects which promote good public procurement that open up opportunities for disadvantaged communities to access high quality and decent paying opportunities in the labour market.