#BetterForUs believes that the everyday economy is vital for everyone.  Organisations that maximise their public good help to reduce poverty and inequality within local communities, bring services closer to the people they support and help to build public trust in institutions and the  services they deliver. 

#BetterForUs is focused on using purchasing power to support the public good and to improve the life experience of people working in the everyday economy. 

Lack of investment in the everyday economy leads to neglected communities.

Yet, all too often, services are selected on the basis of lowest cost, ignoring the effects on quality of services and the local economy.

Building resilient communities means investing in the day to day lives of people who are disadvantaged by existing institutions. 

Within the UK there is increasing emphasis on the importance of good work in promoting the public good. Organisations across the public, community and business sectors are collaborating to promote public good.  They are taking a lead at making a difference.

Our campaign comes out of our lived experience of low pay, procurement and disadvantage and of building a business focused on employee first. 

We aims to build upon good practice, using our perspective to inform and research, to advocate and to highlight the experiences good and bad of the procurement process.

At the heart of what we are attempting to achieve is good procurement that opens up opportunities for communities to access high quality and decent paying opportunities in the labour market and for the importance of the everyday economy to be recognised and valued by all those who commission and receive them.