There are at least nine months to go before the new Procurement Act becomes law (scheduled October 2024).

#BetterForUs knowledge sheets use story-telling and other techniques to highlight key issues within the procurement economy for social businesses.

If we are to build a good procurement economy, we need to ensure fairness for small business and voluntary and community organisations within the economy.

The Procurement Act 2023 provides a unique opportunity for public authorities to build a new Procurement Economy which supports local people, small business and social enterprises to develop people-powered public services.

The flexibilities created by the Act present challenges but also opportunities for commissioning authorities to build on existing partnerships to build better procurement.

#BetterForUs brings the voice of lived experience to the table highlighting issues, and improvements that can help build a Procurement Economy which promotes economic and social justice while delivering quality services.

Knowledge sheets share experience and consider lessons to learn for commissioning authorities from a social business and community perspective. They are produced by the BetterForUs campaign supported by Community and Trust for London.

Knowledge Sheet 1
Stories from The Procurement Economy – Below the Radar
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