The Procurement Act 2023 is due to be implemented in October 2024.  

The Act provides a great opportunity for commissioning authorities to deliver good procurement that rewards fair condition of work and fosters community resilience.

The Act also provides an opportunity for new forms of engagement with community business and building well-being economies.

The Act itself is a long and technical one. The Act can be found here and the Explanatory memorandum is available here.

The first official information can be found here

Further official guidance can be found here. 

Draft regulations were published in March 2024 and were debated by both Houses of Parliament and have been signed off by the Minister. The latest documentation can be found here.

Aspire is currently preparing a new updated guide to procurement which takes account of the Procurement Act 2023.

A new national policy statement will come into force when the Act is implemented. It is available here.